Servant King

by North Wake

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Servant King is a compilation of songs primarily inspired by the books of Deuteronomy, Matthew, and I Corinthians. Each book provided unique glimpses of the indescribable God of creation and His goodness, strength, and love. The message of each song took us as songwriters to various styles and genres. From the folky/storytelling sounds of "I Will Worship Him Alone" and "This Life is not Mine" to the worship anthems of "Servant King" and "For the Glory of God" to the straight 12 bar blues of "The Day that Death Died" or the beautiful classical acoustic sound of "Gethsemane"; God gave us a collection of very diverse sounding songs that we pray gives voice to His church.


released April 16, 2017



all rights reserved


North Wake Wake Forest, North Carolina

North Wake Music is a ministry of North Wake Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. North Wake is a community of Christ followers who's mission is to reach the lost and equip them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshipers of God. North Wake's music teams write Scriptural songs to purposefully help fulfill this mission. ... more

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Track Name: Trent Anthony - He is Good [Feat. Trent Anthony]
To the wilderness he led us out of Pharaoh’s hand
Gave us a law and He asked us to obey
Told us the land he had prepared for us in his loving plan
Was a gift where we could dwell all of our days

But through the desert we’ve been walking now these forty years
Eating bread that comes right out of the sky
Our shoes have never worn out and our heels have never bruised
But we never seem to learn the reason why

He is good, He is good,
Praise the Lord, for He is good

The promised land is hard to see when we are looking at the ground
When our eyes are fixed on us ‘cause times are dry
But God disciplines the ones He loves and calls His sons
He wants our hearts set on his love all of the time

Every step along the way we choose whom we will serve
Kings and idols or the God of hope and light
The one who keeps the Lord's commands is he who shows him love
So don’t turn back, and don’t give up

He is good, (Remember the Lord)
He is good, (Show Him this love)
Praise the Lord, (Keep His commands)
For He is good (For He is good)
Track Name: Jesse Gordon - Follow You [Feat. Jesse Gordon]
Obedience, a mark of love
For the one who has delivered us
The King of all the earth You've spoken and we've heard
Now we delight to keep Your Word

Content to trust in what You've planned
To be satisfied with what comes from Your hand
In plenty or in want, our hearts are full in You
You've shown us Lord that You are good

We will follow You God, Your voice commands our hearts
Though the idol sirens scream You are stronger than their pleas
As the walls of water stand, in the fire and the rain
Your will is our command, our obedience Your praise

You've blessed us Lord when nothing we deserve
For Your name's sake and because You're merciful
You've blessed that we might bless, to shine Your glorious light
Till all the nations sing Your praise

Lord, yes or no, we will obey
Our hearts will act on what you say
So spirit lead us into love
Expressed through our obedience
Track Name: Trent Anthony - Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart [Feat. Trent Anthony]
Spirit of God descend upon my heart
Wean it from earth thro' all its pulses move
Stoop to my weakness mighty as Thou art
And make me to love Thee as I ought to love

I ask no dream no prophet ecstasies
No sudden rending of the veil of clay
No angel visitant no opening skies
But take the dimness of my soul away

Teach me to love Thee as Thine angels love
One holy passion filling all my frame
The kindling of the heaven descended dove
My heart an altar and Thy love the flame

Hast Thou not bid us love Thee God and King
All Thine own soul heart and strength and mind
I see Thy cross there teach my heart to cling
O let me seek Thee and O let me find
Track Name: Jessica Coombs - Gethsemane [Feat. Jessica Coombs]
Come with me to the garden and watch with me for a while
Stay with me in my sorrow I seek the Father's will

I come to you my Father I bow before Your throne
Take this bitter cup from me yet not my will but your own

Wake my friends from your slumber My betrayer is at hand
Given over to sinners This is the Father's plan
This is His loving plan.
Track Name: Daniel Creswell - Servant King [Feat. Daniel Creswell]
Hope is lost as darkness falls, 400 years of
Prophets gone no glimpse of dawn, where is this king we’re
Waiting on, we are waiting on

Silence breaks as heaven quakes, the King has traded
Royal robes for swaddling clothes, is this how He will
Save us? How He will save us?

Servant King! Ruler of Galaxies!
He who became nothing leaving heaven’s throne for an earthly home
We bend our knee to You our Servant King
Immanuel, Prince of Peace, We will glorify and enjoy You forever!

Love now breathes, truth now speaks with more than words
He bends His knee and washes feet calling us to
Follow, to follow

Hope is crowned on blood stained brow, our King hangs on a
Roman cross, His life the cost, so that He can
Raise us! So that He can raise us! From the dead He
Raises us, from our death He raises us!

Servant King crushed for iniquities
Suffering our penalty
Broken, Bruised, and Killed Upon Calvary's Hill
We bend our knee to You our Servant King
Lamb of God, Great High Priest! We will glorify and enjoy you forever!

Our delight is Jesus Christ the Good and Mighty Servant King
The Risen Man, the Great I Am, whose blood has washed the ransomed clean

Servant King risen in victory
Lord of lords, King of kings
He who gave us breath has now conquered death
We bend our knee to You our Servant King
Lamb of God Great High Priest We will glorify and enjoy You forever!
Track Name: Trent Anthony - This Life is Not Mine [Feat. Trent Anthony]
Unassuming lives are transformed
Fear dispelled with the truth of His Word
Though the road ahead is marked with pain
A man and virgin mother will obey

Men who are comfortable and safe
In steady trust, now choose a narrow way
Their path is one of sacrifice and love
Disciples who have set their hearts above

Jesus said, Repent and follow Me
Lose your life and gain eternity
So comforts and familiarity are left behind
Forsaking what the world has to pursue the greater prize
'Cause this life is not mine

Unashamed in brokenness she falls
She has not fear of man, only of God
Pouring out her tears and her perfume
A woman safe at the feet of her Groom

He left the glories of His heavenly home
To do His Father's will and not His own
Perfect faith, atonement has been paid
The Son of God eternally be praised
Track Name: Rickey Dawson - The Day that Death Died [Feat. Rickey Dawson]
Did the sun rise? Did the birds sing at all?
Did the flowers bloom? Did the snow fall …
A blanket of white on the darkest day

Did the rivers stop? Did the animals shout?
Did the trees offer praise? Oh did the rocks cry out …
On the day after You bled and You died

Well the ground split open when You bowed Your head
And the earth spewed out saints who were already dead
As the cocktail of hell mixed for our sin
Was raised to Your lips

Was it cold… In that rock that You made?
Was the Silence deafening in that lonesome cave...
The day before everything changed?

Well your enemies worried you would do what you said
So they posted a patrol to make sure you stayed dead
They thought your brothers would steal you away
But no rock, no jailer, no scheme, no Liar
No legion of demons, no brimstone and fire
No power in hell could keep you in the grave
Death where is your sting, grave where is your victory?

Did the Devil’s mouth gape open with surprise
Did the demons shriek when you opened your eyes
On the day that death that death died
On the day that death died
Track Name: Jesse Gordon - For the Glory of God [Feat. Jesse Gordon]
I am called to love
My gracious God above
With everything I am

With all my heart, all my soul
All my mind, and all my strength
I will teach my heart to sing

I am called to pray
My lips expressing faith
In joy or in pain

With all my heart, all my soul
All my mind, and all my strength
I will teach my heart to sing

Whether you eat or drink
Or whatever you do
Do it all for the glory of God

I am called to serve
As Christ died for his church
And gave himself for her

With all my heart, all my soul
All my mind, and all my strength
I will teach my heart to sing

Whether you eat or drink
Or whatever you do
Do it all for the glory of God

We are called by God
In light of His great love
To go to all the earth

With all our heart, all our soul
All our mind, and all our strength
We will teach their hearts to sing

Whether you eat or drink
Or whatever you do
Do it all for the glory of God

All glory honor to the Father
Wisdom power Yours forever
Track Name: Greg Wilson - Glory to You, Joy to Me [Feat. Greg Wilson]
Your reign is righteous and Your word is enough and Your grace is all sufficient for me
My steps are ordered and my cup overfloweth and Your hand provideth all my needs

Lord, You’ve never left me, and You never will
My heart leaps inside me, I’ve never gotten over the thrill

Your life is matchless and Your mercy’s everlasting
The chains are broken and the captives free
You guard and guide me and Your love is never ending
Glory to You, Joy to me!

My position was a terrible condition, Lord You saw me and did more than just talk
You sought me and You bought me, called me by name then told me to rise up and walk!

Lord, Your grace keeps flowing, follows me all my days
And Your loving kindness never ceases to amaze
Track Name: David McWhite - I Will Worship Him Alone [Feat. David McWhite]
We pick up forty days after the Son of God was raised
Up from the water, the voice of the Father saying, "My beloved Son"
Now in the desert, hunger pangs pierce his body like a serpent's fangs
The tempter sees an opening to bring the Savior down

He said "If you are the son of God
Then use your power to make bread out of these rocks"

He replied, "Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that comes from the mouth of God
My Father sits upon his heavenly throne
He will meet all of my needs
And I will worship him alone"

Stubborn ol' snake wouldn't give up, perched the Son of God upon the cusp
Of the temple's lofty edge to tempt him once again
"Throw yourself from this roof--all we need is a little proof
That God will do what he said; this need not be your end"

He said "If you are the Son of God
Then the angels will surely bear you up"

He replied, "You shall not test the Lord your God
He holds all my days whether I jump or not
My Father sits upon his heavenly throne
He will meet all of my needs
And I will worship him alone"

In one final, desperate try, Satan led him to a mountain high
Up they ascended till all earth's kingdoms were in panoramic view
Their glory shone with brilliant light; "All the world's power, wealth, and might
Are yours to have, and all I ask is one thing more of you"

He said, "All you see here can be yours
If you will bow and worship me as lord"

He replied, “Be gone you fool! Your lying days are through
You tempt me with what's mine as if it belonged to you
Away from me, not one more word
There is only One I will worship and serve
My Father sits upon his heavenly throne
He will meet all of my needs
And I will worship him alone”
Track Name: Whitney Gordon - Psalm 133 [Feat. Whitney Gordon]
Brothers, we are called to love our own
To let our lives be informed by the grace that we've been shown
To love because our Father loved us first

But we don't live the love to which we're called
The differences between us loom too high and oneness falls
A dying world looks on and writes us off

How good it is when brothers live
In unity, in love and peace

Broken bones from sticks and stones will heal
But the deeper hurts from careless words are the ones we'll always feel
How can we say we know Him if we don't love?

It is like the dew of Hermon
That falls on Zion