Children of the Free

by North Wake Church

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We are blessed to have so many gifted musicians and songwriters in our church. For years we’ve been introducing these songs to the body of North Wake, some of them were written to be used more as a commentary to the church and some of them were written for the corporate singing of the church, but all of the songs were written for the edification and building up of the church and I love that about our people! I think none have said it so poetically or poignantly than Charles Wesley when he wrote:

"If well I know the tuneful art
To captivate a human heart
the glory, Lord, be thine.

A servant of thy blessed will,
I here devote my utmost skill
to sound the praise divine.
Thine own musician, Lord, inspire,
And let my consecrated lyre
Repeat the Psalmist's part.

His Son and Thine reveal in me,
And fill with sacred melody
The fibres of my heart."

Children of the Free is the manifestation of the sacred melody of God filling the fibres of the heart of North Wake. We pray it encourages you and glorifies Christ.


released July 31, 2011

Produced by Daniel Creswell and Eric Myers
(C) 2011 North Wake Music



all rights reserved


North Wake Wake Forest, North Carolina

North Wake Music is a ministry of North Wake Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. North Wake is a community of Christ followers who's mission is to reach the lost and equip them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshipers of God. North Wake's music teams write Scriptural songs to purposefully help fulfill this mission. ... more

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Track Name: David McWhite - We've Been Redeemed
Verse 1’ve.been.redeemed,

Verse 2

Hallelujah, we’ve been set free
Now we’re known by God, we have been redeemed

Verse 3
By the blood of the Lamb we’ve been redeemed
From this curse we’ve been set free
The world is blessed through Abe’s offspring, now all the nations sing

I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
Filled with the holy Ghost I am
All my sins are washed away, I’ve been redeemed.
Track Name: Greg Wilson - The Fullness of Time
Verse 1
When the curtain raised/we were naked and unashamed,
Then the god of this age/veiled the truth from our eye
But a promise was made the seed of the woman will save
With watchful eye in the fullness of time the law came down

Verse 2
Unveiled were the chains/we find ourselves enslaved
To a burden of weight/(carried by) children of the grave
But the promise remained/(still) the seed of the woman would save
With watchful eye/in the fullness of time/the Son came down

We will sing out loud for you came down
And wrecked our world for good
Will you set our hearts on fire and burn up the water and wood
We received the (Promised) Seed by faith

Verse 3
Now the curtain is razed we’re adopted and free
To work and obey/as children and not as slaves
Cause he took up the cross/our stillborn could to save
With watchful eye/in the fullness of time/the Son came down
Track Name: Daniel Creswell - This is Impossible
Verse 1
He said, “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees
Teaching in the synagogue, you will in no way enter the kingdom”
I cried, “This is impossible. This is impossible. There’s no way to God”
I cried, “This is impossible. This is impossible. There’s no way to God”

Verse 2
He said, “You shall be holy as I am holy” and unless you take up your cross
And die daily and follow me you will in no way be my disciple
I cried, “This is impossible. This is impossible. There’s no way to God”.

But God so lived the world, not that we loved Him but that he loved us
That He sent his son to be the propitiation for our sins
God so loved the world

As I try to push this camel through the needles eye
I find the limits of the human design
But God’s made it possible, what was impossible

And the dead they are waking! The dead they are waking!

The dead they are rising, hearts are reviving, eyes they are opening
The dead they are rising, hearts are reviving, mouths are now singing…

Track Name: Daniel Creswell - Yes In Christ
Verse 1
Created in Your image, the crown of a creation
How foolish was our fall
We exchanged your rest and presence for hopeless cursed existence
Dead in our sins are we all.

Verse 2
Then a promise came from heaven you would come and bless the nations
Through a man of age and faith
And on the glory of Your mountain Your law became our canon
A measure we cannot attain

For there is no one righteous who could keep all your commandments
There is no one worthy of you nearness and Your glory
So clothed in humility You redeemed us upon the tree
And every promise You’ve made

Is “Yes” in Christ!
No matter how many promises God has made
They are “Yes” in Christ

Verse 3
Now all sons of Abraham by faith worship Christ the Lamb
Our Brother and our Friend
He has bore all our transgressions kept us sealed with His election
His loving kindness has no end.
Track Name: Ronnie Morris - The Depths of Your Love
Verse 1
Open my eyes to the depths of Your love
Open my heart with grace
For nothing of mine or this world could impart
Such wonderful love, to such a loveless heart

Your love is greater than all of the world, even though I should own all the
Empty things they are dust from the earth, they will wither and burn
Oh Your love is the greatest, I could search the whole globe, still I’d find not a soul
Who compares to my Savior, Oh how great Thou art, Lord capture my heart
Would you open my eyes to the depths of Your love

Verse 2
My nature changed by the gospel of grace
No longer a slave but free
By the cross of your Son now I am redeemed
Restored by the depths of Your love

No greater love than was sent from above to redeem us for freedom
Daughters and sons now we worship the One who is building is us His Kingdom

Verse 3
We follow You outside of the gate
Bearing reproach and shame
Now citizens of you kingdom of love
We await our Savior King
Track Name: Trent Anthony - Christ Our Savior (I Cannot Tell)
Verse 1
I cannot tell why he, whom angels worship
Should set His love upon the sons of men.
Or why, as Shepherd, he should seek the wanderers
To bring them back, they know not how or when

But this I know, that he was born of Mary
When Bethlehem’s manger was His only home
And that he lived at Nazareth and labored
And so the Savior, Savior of the world is come

Verse 2
I cannot tell how silently He suffered,
As with His peace he graced this place of tears,
Or how His heart upon the cross was broken,
The crown of pain to three and thirty years

But this I know, He heals the broken-hearted,
And stays our sin, and calms our lurking fear,
And lifts the burden from the heavy laden,
For yet the Savior, Savior of the world, is here

Verse 3
I cannot tell how he will win the nations,
How He will claim His earthly heritage,
How satisfy the needs and aspirations
Of East and west, of sinner and of sage

But this I know, all flesh shall see His glory,
And He shall reap the harvest He has sown,
And some glad day His sun shall shine in splendor
When He the Savior, Savior of the world is known.

Verse 4
I cannot tell how all the lands shall worship
When, at His bidding, every storm is stilled,
Or who can say how great the jubilation
When all the hearts of men with love are filled

But this I know, the skies will thrill with rapture,
And myriad, myriad human voices sing,
And earth to heaven and heaven to earth will answer,
At last the Savior; Savior of the world is King!
Track Name: Daniel Creswell - Freed and Called Me Son
Verse 1
Orphaned was I Enslaved by the Lie That I must make
Atonement for Sin As if I had the Strength to loose these chains

Verse 2
Then Your Law tutored me showed the chasm between You and I
O Wretch that I am cursed by my sin and left to die

So at the fullness of time You sent forth Your Son for us
Born under the Law To redeem us from the curse

Freed I am From the bondage of sin
No longer a slave but a son
And if a son then an heir To a King whom none compare
Abba Father, You’ve freed and called me son

Verse 3
O Foolish one why would I turn back to the Law
It’s for liberty that Christ set us free once for all

These rules and statutes weren’t meant to earn us life
But they show us that the end of the law is Christ

And the spirit bears witness
With our spirit calling us
Children of God
Track Name: BreAnna Rowlands - Children of the Free
Verse 1
One woman, one mountain
Hagar and Sinai, slavery
Cast out, into the wilderness
Downcast and desperate, wandering

Brothers we are not children of the slave
Brothers we are children of the free

Verse 2
One woman, one mountain
Sarah and Zion, liberty
Free woman, New Jerusalem
Based on a promise that’s yet to come

Brothers we are not, children of the slave
Brothers we are, children of the free
We cannot return to yokes of slavery
We have been brought out, we have been made free

Break forth and cry out, you who are broken, O rejoice, O rejoice
Children of Promise, born of the Spirit, O rejoice, O rejoice
It is for freedom that Christ has freed us, O rejoice, O rejoice
You’re making a people for Your glory, O rejoice, O rejoice
We are Your people for Your glory, O rejoice, O rejoice
Track Name: Ronnie Morris - Rest
Verse 1
Come to Me you weary, and I will give you rest
Take My yoke upon you, and I will call you blessed
Cast your burdens on me, and bear with them no more
Your sins they are forgiven, with eagle’s wings you’ll soar

and I will fly
O Lord Most High
In you now I cry…

Let all striving cease, Let you mercy reign free
Jesus you have paid my debt
In you I am clean
Righteousness clothes me, Jesus, you have called me blessed
You have brought me rest

Verse 2
I am everlasting, Creator of this world
I will not grow weary, My ways unsearchable
I will give you power, you strength I will increase
Wait for me My precious child, find you rest in me
Track Name: David McWhite - Rescue
Verse 1
We who were under the curse, we who had lost our way
We who had trusted ourselves, we sing to You today
God let us crucify desires of our flesh; help us to walk in You and in Your righteousness

Now sons and heirs of grace, we offer up our praise

You gave Yourself for our sins that You might rescue us
That You might save us from this world
Taking our place You died, now we stand justified
To You be the glory, forevermore

Verse 2
Death that was meant for us, you took upon Yourself
By giving up Your life, taking our shame and guilt
Lord may we boast in You, boast only in Your cross;
And Lord, compared to knowing You, may we count everything loss

I am a new creation! It’s no longer I who live, but Christ in me – it’s Christ in me
Track Name: Daniel Creswell - God's Word Stands Sure Forever
Verse 1
Rejoice, rejoice ye Christians all and break forth into singing
Since far and wide on every side the Word of God is ringing
For well we know no human foe our souls from Christ can sever
For to the base and men of grace God’s word stands sure forever

Verse 2
Abraham believed His God and so for his devotion
His faith became his righteousness His seed like sands of ocean
Thus has God done for everyone Who trust Him perish never
To everyone who builds thereon God’s word stands sure forever

Verse 3
David, David king and lord a man of God’s own choosing
God’s truth he hid within his heart beyond all fear of loosing
From David’s seed Christ should proceed He swore Who changeth never
In Heaven and on earth the same God’s word stands sure forever

O Paul, O Paul the fruit of all Thy writings in their season
The truth thou hast declared shall stand against all human reason
Sin’s overthrown by faith alone and though the great and clever
We’re all employed to make it void God’s word stands sure forever

Verse 5
Jesus the Christ of Mary born and of the Holy Spirit
What all the prophets promised we shall in Him inherit
“Here Him” the call of God to all to save us his endeavor
To Him all praise and honor raise God’s Word stands sure forever

Verse 6
Praise God Praise God in unity Ye Christian people sweetly
That He His Word has spread abroad His Word His Work completely
No human hand can Him withstand No name how high so ever
Then sing we then our glad amen God’s word stands sure forever
Track Name: Josh Reed - My Eyes Have Seen the King
Verse 1

Verse 2',.my.only.cry,.won'

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

CHORUS full.of.His.glory
Track Name: Amanda Greene - O Christ What Burdens Bowed Thy Head
O Christ ,what burdens bowed they head! Or load was laid on thee;
Thou stoodest in the sinner’s stead, didst bear all ill for me
A victim led, they blood was shed; now there’s no load for me.

Verse 2
Death and the curse were in our cup; O Christ, ‘twas full for thee!
But thou hast drained the last dark drop, ‘tis empty now for me;
That bitter cup, love drank it up, thy bruising healeth me.

You took my death and gave me life
You took my wounds, now I am healed
And I’ve come alive by you Spirit’s power
To live out my life as an offering

Verse 3
The Father lifted up his rod; O Christ, it fell on thee!
Thou was sore stricken of thy God; there’s not one stroke for me.
Thy tears, they blood, beneath it flowed; thy bruising health me.

Verse 4
For me, Lord Jesus, thou hast died, and I have died in thee;
You’re risen – my bands are untied, and now you live in me;
When purified, made white and tried, they glory then for me!
Track Name: Trent Anthony - Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe)
From the depths of woe I raise to thee
The voice of lamentation
Lord, turn a gracious ear to me
And hear my supplication
If Thou iniquities dost mark
Our secret sins and misdeeds dark
O who shall stand before Thee

Verse 2
To wash away the crimson stain
Grace, grace alone availeth
Our works, alas, are all in vain
In much the best life faileth
No man can glory in thy sight
All must alike confess they might
and live alone by mercy

Verse 3
Therefore my trust is in the Lord
And not in mine own merit
On Him my soul shall rest, His Word
Upholds my fainting spirit
His promised mercy is my fort
My comfort and my sweet support
I wait for it with patience

Verse 4
What though I wait the live-long night
And ‘til the dawn appeareth
My heart still trusteth in His might
It doubtest not nor feareth
Do thus, O ye of Israel’s seed
Ye of the spirit born indeed
And wait ‘til god appeareth

Though great our sins and sore our woes
His grace much more aboundeth
His helping love no limit knows
Our upmost need it soundeth
Our Shepherd good and true is He
Who will at last His Israel free
From all their sin and sorrow (From all their sin and sorrow)
From all our sin and sorrow (From all our sin and sorrow)